DAMUS & ASSOCIATES is a Certified Ethical law firm that is fully insured and qualified in its areas of practice. DAMUS & ASSOCIATES has a well earned reputation for practical lawyering, with sensitivity to costs and realistic goals. The Nevada Bar requires all clients be advised that in the event of actual litigation and loss, they could be assessed with the adverse party's attorney's fees and costs. Further, the Bar and the ethical rules governing the practice of law prohibit an attorney from guarantying results. Damus Law Offices Accordingly, at DAMUS & ASSOCIATES, every reasonable effort is made to resolve legal matters without litigation, and if litigation is required, it is handled in such a manner to minimize the likelihood of adverse cost assessments and to maximize the probability of success. A Las Vegas resident since 1955, CHARLES M. DAMUS enjoys a strong network of business connections throughout the state of Nevada to benefit and protect his client's interests.